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About Us

Band of Brothers Farm is located on a high mountain homestead in beautiful Southern West Virginia. We specialize in discovering 100% American made products which we provide to you, the proud American Consumer. The Band of Brothers Farm is a true American Company, creating and investing only in American products. B.O.B.F was born from the fabric & backbone of the hardest working citizens in the world. The three owners have a deep passion for strengthening the American market.


All of our high-quality products come from within the borders of the United States. This passion for America has instilled determination and commitment in each owner to build and sell only the highest quality, American Validated products. All three owners have served in the military during Combat Era.


Why American products? Because it matters, the more you support your country, the more you support the American worker and Freedom. Here at B.O.B.F we believe this passionate idea. We share something that corporate companies don't share. We share the common ground of laboring alongside you. America lacks its greatest abilities without hard-working, American citizen.


Here at B.O.B.F we understand family roots and where we come from. The owners have held careers in the Military, Farming, Urban Law Enforcement, Deep Sea Commercial Fishing, Trades/ Construction and Senior Citizen Healthcare.





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